Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Blues

Perchance, it really isn't the let down after Valentine's day, its just that long 3 day weekend of President's day where you end up with the kids and your husband home. Usually we make these wonderful plans of accomplishing long awaited tasks. However, no one feels like working so nothing gets done and now it is in the middle of the night and Mom is blogging. That's really going to help.

Anywho. . . .Actually our Valentine's day was very nice. Jared and I went to dinner with a couple that are good friends of Ron & Carol's. Chuck and Annie Inman have adopted us and we've no idea what we'd do with out them. Dinner was lovely. We went to Bennetti's. It's an Italian place downtown Coos Bay that has been here for 30 years. I loved it. Jared and I were daring and shared a plate of beef wellington and a lobster, ricotta, manicotti. I don't think he loved it, but I did. Thanks Ann and Chuck for always being there for us.

In fact, today, Chuck had Jared drive the munched van out to his shop, and he thinks he may be able to straighten a few things out and although, it won't look the prettiest, it would still be drivable. =) I guess that's what really counts.

Also along that front, we got a call today from the insurance that they had received another police report which cited me as fault, so the other guy will get money just not us. Hopefully our rates won't go up as this is a first incident, but it has all been rather stressful and annoying.

It has been really fun to hear from a few of you that you are following our blog and learning a bit more about our family. I'll search through my pics and post a few for today that you might enjoy.

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