Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogging for Dummies!

Hello again! Thank heavens for my new friend Rayna! Yes, Sara, all of those computer type things you tried to teach me before we left, Rayna is slowly teaching me how to do. I know it is silly as much of this is really self explanatory, but well, I have to make everything complicated.
So, my news of the day is go to and check out February 7th's entry. It is called Friends Welcome. Again, Rayna introduced me to this fab site where Bethany creates wordart that you can download and use for scrapbooking etc. Just before today's free download you'll see who suggested it. . . . . yup!! MEEEEE!! I know so silly to be so excited, but it's a quote I've always loved. And its not that I don't love my family, its just that our family, like super-sized fries, is sometimes overwhelming.

Actually we'd be so lost without our family. We miss you all dearly, especially Mom & Dad Olsen who are in the Ukraine. We didn't even get to see them at Christmas time. My parents helped us move out here, and Jared's came out just before we left, so I thought I'd post a few of those pictures.

Yes! That is Papa Wilson scaring my children with a giant piece of kelp. For those of you who saw Twilight. The scene where Jacob & Bella are walking along the beach and the teens come screaming by with the kelp. . . . .yeah the whole theatre was laughing here. I don't think the scene would have been quite as funny if I hadn't experienced this during our summer.

Here are some pics of Ron & Carol with our kids at Agate Beach and the sand dunes.

We had such a great time with them. Our surrogate grandparents, Chuck & Anne Inman, hosted a BBQ with about 8 couples that were good friends of mom & dad's. I think that they really loved it. I know that we really enjoy hearing all about the "good ol' Olsen stories".
We will have to take some pictures of their old house that is now a bed and breakfast. It is way cool to look at.
Well, now that I have somewhat got the hang of this I will try to catch up with our old photos and stories, as well as filling you in on the new stuff! Love to you all! Mardine & the gang.

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  1. I just love that picture of Emma acting all spunky in the tall grass and Laura runing into the water. And is your husband really flying over the sand dunes? Looks like Superman!