Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Blues

Perchance, it really isn't the let down after Valentine's day, its just that long 3 day weekend of President's day where you end up with the kids and your husband home. Usually we make these wonderful plans of accomplishing long awaited tasks. However, no one feels like working so nothing gets done and now it is in the middle of the night and Mom is blogging. That's really going to help.

Anywho. . . .Actually our Valentine's day was very nice. Jared and I went to dinner with a couple that are good friends of Ron & Carol's. Chuck and Annie Inman have adopted us and we've no idea what we'd do with out them. Dinner was lovely. We went to Bennetti's. It's an Italian place downtown Coos Bay that has been here for 30 years. I loved it. Jared and I were daring and shared a plate of beef wellington and a lobster, ricotta, manicotti. I don't think he loved it, but I did. Thanks Ann and Chuck for always being there for us.

In fact, today, Chuck had Jared drive the munched van out to his shop, and he thinks he may be able to straighten a few things out and although, it won't look the prettiest, it would still be drivable. =) I guess that's what really counts.

Also along that front, we got a call today from the insurance that they had received another police report which cited me as fault, so the other guy will get money just not us. Hopefully our rates won't go up as this is a first incident, but it has all been rather stressful and annoying.

It has been really fun to hear from a few of you that you are following our blog and learning a bit more about our family. I'll search through my pics and post a few for today that you might enjoy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Mom, I'm writing a play!"

So, it has come to my attention that the thought processes of men and women develop way earlier than I had ever anticipated. As I was cooking dinner last night McKay came into the kitchen and excitedly exclaimed. . .

"Mom! I'm writing a play!"

"That's great McKay! What's it about?"

"Well, I have 16 of them, but in this one the half-back. . . . . . ."

"What? Half-back? AAARRGGH Football plays!!!!!"

"What did you think I was writing?"

(Maniacal laughter from Jared in the background.)

So yes, I like football. How could I not with four older brothers. I even understand most of the rules, and used to play a little. Also, a bunch of my school friends and I, (who all had older brothers that played) wanted to play varsity football and after we creamed the opponent would then let down our beautiful long hair from our helmets. But, I must admit I don't get all the minutiae of every play and position.

McKay, however is very much filling in his Uncles' Sam and Seth's footsteps by playing Game Cube football with his dad. Techno Superbowl anyone???

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Will Go and Do. . .

So, Sunday mornings are probably not any mother's favorite time of the week. We have tried to help me out with them by making sure the kids are bathed and everything we need is laid out on Saturday night. But, somehow, it still feels like Sunday mornings can be CRAZY!

A friend of ours gave us two DVD's to watch. They are from the Liken the Scriptures series and we love them. We really love the 1st in the series called go and do. They have lots of music and make the scriptures easier for the kids to understand. If you get a chance watch them.

You can find them on Amazon, E-bay, Deseret Book, and just google Liken the Scriptures!

They are worth it to buy, but definitely worth it to watch them!

Well I'm off to finish dinner. Take care and we love you all!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blogging for Dummies!

Hello again! Thank heavens for my new friend Rayna! Yes, Sara, all of those computer type things you tried to teach me before we left, Rayna is slowly teaching me how to do. I know it is silly as much of this is really self explanatory, but well, I have to make everything complicated.
So, my news of the day is go to elegantwordart2.blogspot.com and check out February 7th's entry. It is called Friends Welcome. Again, Rayna introduced me to this fab site where Bethany creates wordart that you can download and use for scrapbooking etc. Just before today's free download you'll see who suggested it. . . . . yup!! MEEEEE!! I know so silly to be so excited, but it's a quote I've always loved. And its not that I don't love my family, its just that our family, like super-sized fries, is sometimes overwhelming.

Actually we'd be so lost without our family. We miss you all dearly, especially Mom & Dad Olsen who are in the Ukraine. We didn't even get to see them at Christmas time. My parents helped us move out here, and Jared's came out just before we left, so I thought I'd post a few of those pictures.

Yes! That is Papa Wilson scaring my children with a giant piece of kelp. For those of you who saw Twilight. The scene where Jacob & Bella are walking along the beach and the teens come screaming by with the kelp. . . . .yeah the whole theatre was laughing here. I don't think the scene would have been quite as funny if I hadn't experienced this during our summer.

Here are some pics of Ron & Carol with our kids at Agate Beach and the sand dunes.

We had such a great time with them. Our surrogate grandparents, Chuck & Anne Inman, hosted a BBQ with about 8 couples that were good friends of mom & dad's. I think that they really loved it. I know that we really enjoy hearing all about the "good ol' Olsen stories".
We will have to take some pictures of their old house that is now a bed and breakfast. It is way cool to look at.
Well, now that I have somewhat got the hang of this I will try to catch up with our old photos and stories, as well as filling you in on the new stuff! Love to you all! Mardine & the gang.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A really BIG move for the Olsen's!!

A really BIG opportunity came to our family in May of 2008. We interviewed and were offered a job in Coos Bay, Oregon. By August 15th, our family was packed up and headed west. Thankfully not in covered wagons. (Although, Mardine, Deanna, Emma, and Lora did not have AC like Olen and McKay.) After leaving temperatures of over 100 degrees, we arrived in Coos Bay to a cool 55 degrees. That will definitely be an adjustment for us. However, finding fun beaches and dunes is no hardship at all!
The job that brought us to the Pacific Ocean was for Jared. He is currently the Vice-Principal for Blossom Gulch Elementary School and Millicoma Intermediate School. That is 1,000 students kindergarten through
sixth grade. As crazy as his schedule is, he seems to really love it. We have grown to love the teachers, administrators, and staff in the Coos Bay School District.

School started Tuesday after Labor Day and I'm not sure who was more excited--Dad or the kids! Lora was a bit sad because she just got to stay home with
mom, but has since gotten used to it!

McKay, Jared, and Emma in the Library--BG. Lora, McKay, and Emma say LET'S GO!!!!
1st Grade Emma in Nicole Ault's class. 3rd Grade McKay in Karla Delgado's class.
We are now well into the school year and Jared and the kids are loving it. McKay and Emma have both done over 50 miles in laps for their walking program. In October McKay got to run on the Marshfield High Track and wave to Steve Prefontaine's mom. Prefontaine went to Blossom Gulch and he is honored there quite often. Both kids have started Marine Biology units with Grad Students from the University. They love them. Each of them always come home with amazingly interesting facts to tell me. We've had one Parent/Teacher conference and both kids are doing well. They scored higher than the standard on their state assessment tests and are in the top of their classes. McKay, however, talks a bit too much. . . . .Grandpa Wilson what have you been teaching him??? Well, for my first attempt at blogging, I'll leave you with this. I will try to continue on and catch everyone up with our goings on. We love you.
The Olsen's by the Bay!