Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Will Go and Do. . .

So, Sunday mornings are probably not any mother's favorite time of the week. We have tried to help me out with them by making sure the kids are bathed and everything we need is laid out on Saturday night. But, somehow, it still feels like Sunday mornings can be CRAZY!

A friend of ours gave us two DVD's to watch. They are from the Liken the Scriptures series and we love them. We really love the 1st in the series called go and do. They have lots of music and make the scriptures easier for the kids to understand. If you get a chance watch them.

You can find them on Amazon, E-bay, Deseret Book, and just google Liken the Scriptures!

They are worth it to buy, but definitely worth it to watch them!

Well I'm off to finish dinner. Take care and we love you all!

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  1. My daughter is Lila in the new Jonah and the Great fish they just filmed. I love those shows. Your family is adorable.